Surrealism was, from its outset, transgressive. It has since been stripped of its transgressive nature and reduced to art that can be clever, of the imaginary, "magic realism", or the illustration of religious ideas. This site is intended to remedy the misconceptions that have reduced surrealist art in the half century that has elapsed since the death of Breton to being nothing more than imaginative or quirky art without political substance.


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This site will highlight art that is polemical and critical of the political, social, cultural and religious agendas that guide various governments and various societies and cultures to seek to suppress and oppress ideas they have disagreement with; or used by governments to protect ideas from analysis or criticism (ie, the protection of religious edicts from criticism). The art and ideas herein challenge the received wisdom that has seen, in countries such as Australia (and Canada in particular), a slow erosion of a fundamental right to freely criticise ideas.